Hair chat. Ponytails

It's been a while since I had any ideas for a hair chat... But I had some request lately so I thought I would bring it back and talk about pony tails today!

Pony tails can have many styles. You don't have to have long straight hair for a pony tail. And it doesn't matter if its 10 inch or even 1 inch long, you can make it cute by spending a little time on it!

First, decide if you are wanting a messy or simple sleek ponytail. With simple sleek pony tails, I think clean hair is better. Lean your head back and brush all your hair off your face and up towards the top of your head. If you can do this by lying over the edge of the bed you will get an even better result.

Leave one small section loose and secure the rest with a tight rubberband. Wrap the loose section of the hair around the band then secure the end of the loose section with a bobby pin on the underside of the ponytail!

This is another version of a sleek ponytail but with a little more poof! To achieve this look, tease the top of the head from the bangs back then smooth with a comb and pull away from the face.

If you have bangs, you can still have a cute, stylish ponytail! Fix your bangs like you would every day, then just pull back the rest of the hair.

A popular look right now is the side swept ponytail. Decide which side you want the hair, then tease the top and sides then pull all hair to the side. Wrap rubber band around and also secure any loose hairs with a bobby pin to help support the side pony!

I love the braided bangs look! But I am a horrible braider!! I have been doing some twisting instead. Start with your part and braid/twist over past the temple. Then you can pin them and pull the rest back!

Practice these looks!! Sometimes, you have to take it all down and start over. But I hope this helps influence you gals to try out some stylish pony tails this fall!


Mrs. Jenk said...

I have a new hair chat.... how to properly "fire" your hairdresser :)

amanda said...

Thank you so much for bringing it back .. I love Hair Chat !

Lisa said...

I love it as well, glad you are back =)

Superchikk said...

I wore my hair in a ponytail a TON right after Caedmon was born. And then I finally cut it all off and can't rock the pony anymore. I kind of miss it...sometimes. There's just something sassy about a ponytail!

Nancy said...

I wish mine was long enough for a PT :) I need some help with how to make my hair look more brown & not pull so much red. Great post!

Ashley Fisher :) said...

love the pony tail chat!!