hairchat. Talking to your stylist.

Communicating with your hairstylist is so important in getting the results you want! You as the client, need information and understanding from your stylist and your stylist needs information and direction from you. Never assume that your stylist knows what you like even if you have been using the same person for years.

Your stylist needs to know what you like and dislike and how you manage your hair at home. A good stylist should explain any new look so that you can make the decision if you are ready for a change. No one knows your hair better than you do so providing as much information as possible will help your stylist make the proper decision about the right cut, color & style.

To avoid communication failure with your stylist, it's good to know some hair styling terminology.

Layering- This is a technique to change thickness of hair and can create a thinning or thicker appearance. Verify how much layering you want along with the length of the layers. You want them to be proportional with the rest of the style. Layers can give hair a fuller appearance with more texture and movement. A good hair cut is really about the art of layering!

Texturizing- This involves using a razor or thinning shears. If you are thinking you want your hair texturized, question your stylist about your hair type to be sure that your hair is the right texture and style for it.

Blunt cut- This means to cut sections of hair straight across. This is mainly done on hair that is one-length or between chin lengths to below the shoulder. It can also be used to cut any short layered hair style. This can result in thicker, fuller ends.

Undercutting- This is done to the hair around the neck. It can be cut shorter relative to the rest of the hair on the back of the head and this will prevent the hair from sticking out in the neck area. This will help achieve smooth, turned under hair.
Trim- Trimming is cutting very little or only cutting around the back, top or sides. Please be specific in the amount of hair you want to be cut so your stylist can understand your meaning of a trim!

Good luck at your next hair appointment!

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Anonymous said...

Oh how I wish I had a fabulous hairstylist like you here in Japan. I have simply given up on cutting my hair because NO ONE does it right. I just get it trimmed now. I have naturally curly, super fine/thin & dry hair. I always request they do not cut too much because of how much my hair shrinks & the curls tighten up when dry but no one listens.

Do you have any plans on visiting Japan anytime in the next 2 years?! ha ha!