Happy Fall Y'all!

I put up my fall decor last week! I was trying to hold out until October but I just couldn't wait! Just wanted to share my fall decorations with blog friends...

Love this new frame I got this year! It's my new favorite fall decor!

I normally don't put out anything for Halloween but I got a few things from my moms garage sale last year! I thought the BEWARE tea-light candle holders were cute!

Full kitchen view

I have placed the table in years past but it gets annoying having to move the plates off when you want to eat at the table so I decided to do something simple this year!

Love all sorts of pumpkins!

I will put up the jack-o-lantern face and the BOO pumpkin after Halloween but I liked the new additions this year!

Lastly, our office got a new couch! My mom didn't want a couch anymore that was in her sitting room and asked if I wanted it! I have had this maroon couch since college. Its a great couch because it is a sleeper sofa but I think it's ugly and it attracts tons of dog hair! So needless to say, I wasn't sad to see it go! :)

After. And I think much better!
Eventually I would love to have this in our bedroom but just not sure if there is room in our bedroom now. Maybe in the future!


Anonymous said...

Love all of the decorations! Cannot wait for fall to actually hit here in Japan!! :)

Lauren said...

Soooo cute. Love ALL of the d├ęcor! :)

The Rohman Family said...

LOVE your kitchen. Where did you get the frame?

Randi said...

LOVE your fall decor!!! too cute!

Ashley Fisher :) said...

love your decorations; you have a beautiful home!

Goldilocks said...

Love you kitchen- I just painted my cabinets and am looking for granite- did you put yours in and do you remember the name?

A Love Worth Waiting For.... said...

Your house is beautiful!!

Emily Muckleroy said...

Love all of your decorations friend AND the pic of you and Matt in the limo!!!! Did you just put it in that spot? Looks great. Miss you!!!