I LOVE this Dog!

I LOVE this fat boy!

I LOVE this face and those sweet eyes!

I love this curly tail!

I love this wanna-be watch dog!

I just wanted to share these new sweet photos of my Romeo, whom I LOVE too much!


Lauren said...

Seriously, such a pretty (handsome) dog….. Wonderful pictures!! :)

Sara said...

Cute, cute, cute!! He is just handsome!

Kelz World said...

i love both my babies more than life itself!! i can totally relate. Romeo is beautiful!

Leslie Duffield said...

Precious pics of your little Romeo! I love the one of him at the top of the stairs... haha! What a sweet boy :) Tuck & Tessa want to play soon! Have a good weekend!

French lover said...

I saw so many Shiba Inus in Japan... Sigh... I still want one really bad, they're so perfect :) Your Romeo is handsome !!