Weekend recap.

Fayetteville's square had trick or treating on Friday afternoon. Since our salon is so close to the square, we got to see lots of cute kiddos dressed up! Including one of my co-worker's son, Mccoy, aka "Baller"!

Isn't this the cutest Baller you have ever seen!!

He carried his ball around the whole time, which really made the outfit!

Saturday night, Matt and I went to the Arkansas homecoming game! We were given some awesome tickets on the 3rd row! I didn't take my camera and once we got there and saw how good the seats were, I really was wishing I had!

I was so thrilled to get to sit so close to the cheerleaders! They are my favorite part of the game, of course! :)

This was me happy at the game... after we got home, I got hit with a horrific stomach bug!! It was terrible! I was up every hour! Thankfully by noon on Sunday, I was feeling better. But I didn't get to hand out candy to our trick or treaters! I was so disappointed!

I didn't end up getting Romeo a costume, but I had him wear this shirt that says "Got Treats" and his spike collar! Doesn't he look so tough?! :)

His neck is so fat you could barely see the collar! ha!

Matt and Romeo did such a good job passing out candy! Romeo waited for more trick or treaters all night!


Bubba Marley said...

Very Cute!!! a collar and sweater is much more practical and im sure Romeo thanked you.

Heather Allen said...

Romeo is adorable! Sorry you got hit with the stomach virus. It is absolutely awful!

Lauren said...

Oh, I bet you had a blast at the game. Sorry you were sick but so glad you are feeling better!!!!!

In this wonderful life... said...

glad you guys had a good weekend! Romeo is too cute!