We found a dog!

This little guy ran in our garage when Matt got home for dinner tonight! He has no collar but he is for sure someone's pet!

We searched our neighborhood but no luck! We will keep him in our home tonight and in the morning I'm going to take him to the nearby vet and check for a microchip! I'm praying his owners were smart and put one in him!

For any Fayetteville readers... Please let me know if any one you know is missing a sweet Jack Russell!!

Romeo isn't sure what to think about our house guest. They have played outside well but have had some snarls while inside! I really think we have raised an ONLY child dog! Ha!

Hoping we can find "JR" as Matt calls him, his own family very soon!


Nancy said...

Cute as can be!

Lindsey said...

Checking for a microchip is very smart. Although I had a puppy checked 4 times before they found her chip. (So don’t give up) Also call local animal shelters and leave its description and the area you found it and your contact information. Some owners will call shelters hoping someone has left them…Most shelters will corporate especially if you aren’t leaving the pup! Good Luck..it’s a handsome one!

Stephanie said...

Oh no, hope you find his owners.

Tiffany said...

Hope you find his owner! He is adorable!