First snow of the winter!

We woke up this morning to a snow covered city and Romeo and I were ready to go play!!

Love these little doggie paws prints in the snow!

Romeo can't get enough of the snow!

Our street covered in beautiful snow!

Time to measure the snow!

6 INCHES in the front yard!!

Now, I will stay inside my warm house and hopefully get caught up on some house work!

OH, lets be honest... I will probably just lay under my heated throw blanket and read my kindle! :)

Here are few videos of our crazy boy loving the snow!!


Kaysie said...

Romeo is so fun and cute!!!!

Lauren said...

All that snow is SO beautiful!!!!!! :)

Sara said...

Love the snow pictures! I wish we'd get some snow here in VA!

Lo @ Not Your Average Southern Belle said...

Your pup is so cute out in the snow! Mine are scared of it :)

Ting said...

I love how Romeo goes wild running around in the snow! Yay for snow days!!!

Matt, Stefan, and Halle Kate said...

UHHHH I miss that sweet boy! I so wish Romeo and Duke could play in the snow together right now! Duke doesnt have near as much fun alone :)

Sara said...

We went out in it this morning, but only stayed out a short time...it was soooo cold!

Leslie Duffield said...

haha! I love it :) That's exactly what Tucker did this morning. He was SO excited! Cute pics!

Heather said...

Julee I love your blog! I especially love the pictures of your sweet doogy! The video's of him in the snow are great!