Week of iPhone Romeo pics.

I have over 700 pics on my iPhone and I would go ahead and guess that 500 are of my sweet Romeo! Here are a few favorites from this past week!

Sunday- He was geared up for the chance of snow!

Monday- He wished his favorite friend Happy Birthday!

Tuesday- Pretty sure he slept ALL day long after our weekend with company!

Wednesday- Still pretty tired so he eats and drinks while laying down!

Thursday- He fell asleep while watching tv! Love his little head propped up!

Friday- He was ready for Mom & Dad to go on to work so he can continue to sleep all day!

Saturday- So happy to have mom and dad home so he slept next to me in bed Saturday morning!

If you haven't caught on... this dog seriously sleeps about 18-20 hours a day! :) And he seems to really love his new bed that we got him for his birthday! I sure love him to pieces!


carrie said...

He is the cutest thing ever! Where did you get his bed? I think my dog would love it!

Anonymous said...

How precious is he?!

Lianna Knight said...

Did you get a blog make over??? If so, looks great. And I love the pic of your little family...your hair is AMAZING :)

Romeo is a cutey...love love love him!

Stephanie said...

I swear our dogs sleep just as much! I say they "need their beauty sleep." Ha! He's a sweetheart!

Cara Beth said...

haha. you sound like me! Last night I started going through my pics and deleting some. I narrowed it down to 1,199. :) But I have four animals to snap pics of. It's so addicting because they're just so darn cute!

Lindsey said...

Is that the bed you got him from my CSN giveaway? I often times think Lucy hates us and her life because she would rather be in her bed (or our bed) than hanging with us! I'm happy to know that maybe she is just worn out like her pal Romeo! ;)

Amanda said...

I just started reading your blog and I love Romeo! He seems to have such a personality. And I love how much you love him! I can totally relate!

Nancy said...

He is one lucky dog! Sooo cute!