South Arkansas Snow.

My hometown got 7 inches of snow on Sunday!! We haven't gotten that much snow since 2000! South Arkansas just doesn't get much snow. And to make it even more weird, Northwest Arkansas barely got any! Just wanted to share some beautiful snow pics that my mom sent me from my parents house!

Sunday night before she went to bed there was a thick blanket of snow covering everything!

They live near the golf course so this is the 18th hole covered in beautiful snow!

Our neighborhood looks like a winter wonderland!

Love the snow-filled trees!

More snow covered deck pics. Unbelievable how much snow they got!

Gorgeous view out of my bedroom window! Wish I was there to enjoy the pretty view!

And of course our sweet snow dog, Kota LOVED the snow! He is looking at my mom like, "Why do I have to come inside? I like it out here!"

Hope all of you that got snow are enjoying it!


Nancy said...

What a beautiful snow & a beautiful doggie!

Kate said...

New follower here... found your blog at "Chapters". You guys are too cute...

I love Romeo too - you have inspired me to post more of my pooche too.