Romeo in MORE snow!

OMG! We got a foot and a half of snow today!!!! It was a blizzard when we woke up this morning. It was snowing 2-3 inches an hour. Of course, Romeo LOVED it! Matt had to go into work and ended up doing the news from 3-6:30pm today to try to keep everyone informed on the road conditions and how much snow we actually got! It was crazy! Here are some cute Romeo snow pics for ya!

Swimming through the snow!
For some weird reason, he decided to stand on top of the patio table!
I love this picture!! He was so excited and was hopping through the snow!
The snow is so deep!! Its at my knees and it's so soft and fluffy!
I was trying to keep Romeo outside in the back yard with me and because he can open the back door, I put the chair in front of it. The little smarty was still trying to figure out how to get back inside! ha!
What a precious snowy face!
He had so much fun in the backyard, he started begging to go out in the front!
This was his mad face because I was making him come inside!!

I think the whole state of Arkansas had a snow day today! I am just relaxing and wishing I had a sled and a big hill to play on! I love the snow but surely this is going to be the last big one! Looking at our week forecast is almost humorous! But hey... I am not complaining! 60 next week will be great!!


Lo @ Not Your Average Southern Belle said...

Such cute snow pics of your pup! Mine are hating it :)

caydensmommy said...

I live in upstate NY and I think you guys have gotten more snow than us this year!! Crazy! And I thought our weather was bi-polar?!?! You go from blizzard to 50 in a week!! Craziness!!!

Southern Cinderella said...

OMG! Romeo is such a cutie in those snow pics! I cant believe how much snow you recieved!!! Have a greta rest of the week!!

Lindsey said...

We got a lot of snow today, a lot for us here in Memphis that is - but not quite as much as you have. I can't believe how deep it is!! He looks so cute and so funny how he still tried to figure out the door even with the chair there!! ha ha - that lil rascal!

Lauren said...

Oh my sweet mercy, how precious are those pictures. Romeo is just loving that snow!! SO cute!!

Faith said...

The picture of him on the table is so funny and I love that he knows how to open the door. Smart boy!

I still cannot believe how much snow y'all got. Crazy!!

Ting said...


Ann said...

Love the pictures....:-)

Michelle said...

Romeo is adorable. I get the biggest kick out of our dog in the snow too, he's like a little rabbit bouncing in and out of the drifts.

We've had our fair share this year and I'm looking forward to a little bit warmer next week.