Kiss a Pig.

I thought I had posted this a few weeks ago... I guess better late than never.

We attended the Kiss a Pig gala for the 4th year in a row! Matt and his co-anchor had the privilege of being emcees at this great event again! It's one of the biggest charity events in NWA with over 1,000 people in attendance! The pig was one of the first sources of insulin for diabetes patients. This event helps raise money for the American Diabetes Association! Who ever raises the most money for the event gets to kiss the pig at the end of the evening!

This little piglet was only 3 weeks old. She was so cute with her scarf on. She was very content in her owners arms but if she got passed around she did some squealing! They said in 5 months she will be 250 pounds! That is so hard to believe because she is so darn cute now!
We got to spend the evening at a table with some of Matt's co-workers and spouses! It was a lot of fun!
The KNWA crew with the little piggy!
The entertainment was AMAZING this year! It was based off a Cirque du Solie show! These people's talents and strengths are so incredible!
This was seriously crazy! This man held up 2 grown people!
WOW! Insane!
One of my best friends, Emily was at the event too! I love when I have people to talk to at these things! And I love that we dressed alike without evening knowing it! :)
I will be honest, sometimes I dread having to get a dress and get all dressed up to go to these events but they always turn out to be fun and it's such a great excuse to take pics with my handsome hubby!


Lo @ Not Your Average Southern Belle said...

That looks like an awesome event and a lot of fun! GREAT entertainment!

The Mrs.! said...

I just love the name of the event!!!

Kelly said...

I love your dress!!!! You look so pretty!!! I think it's fun that you are such a socialite!!! I live vicariously through you!!!

Andy and Randi Rodriguez said...

You are always doing such fun things... how cool! Your dress is beautiful!

theLovelyLisa said...

I love that dres you have on, B - Beautiful! And that show looked awesome! <3