17 weeks

(The shadow is back but I didn't like the other pic that didn't have it. We will do better next week!)

Pregnancy Highlights:

How Far Along: 17 weeks
Size of baby: 5 inches long and 5 ounces
Maternity Clothes: I am wearing maternity shorts and capris because my pants dont button and the bella band moves around too much!
Gender: A GIRL!!! Preslee Bell Turner
Movement: I feel flutters when I am laying flat in bed late at night. I am ready to feel her more!
Sleep: Sleep is still ok! I wake up a few times at night to pee but can go right back to sleep. Love sleeping on my left side and a little on my back!
Symptoms: I had pretty good week but at night my body just really aches! I had a few headaches and a few days of heartburn but nothing too bad.
What I miss: My energy!
Cravings: Anything salty & cheesy! Still loving Sonic hot dogs or basically anything from Sonic!
Best Moment this week: Finding out about our sweet girl!! We are so attached to her already!
What I am looking forward to: Starting to feel Preslee move more! I can't wait to have that reminder that she is in there growing and moving around! Also I am ready to get the nursery stuff picked out! It is overwhelming me! I will be happy when its all ordered and then I can just start organizing her stuff!


allie-mac-fallie said...

congratulations on your baby girl! I am a new follower and found you through Houghton Happenings... We are due in Oct with a girl :) Looking forward to keeping up with your pregnancy :)

Melissa said...

oh what a PRECIOUS name! (sorry i'm not a stalker! found u through my friend ashley's blog). But your blog is fun so i think i'll come back :)

Melissa said...

BTW, your husband hosted the FCA banquet a bit ago (my husband is bentonville basketball coach) and he did such a great job - awesome night!

Amber said...

You look great! Congratulations on your baby girl. I came across your blog a few weeks ago and I've loved reading about your pregnancy! I wanted to give you a little suggestion about the shadow, I'm a photographer. It might help if you stand away from the wall a bit. Usually if you are too close and using a flash, it does tend to make a shadow. Just a little advice!

Butterfly Chaser Photography said...

Okay, so you don't know me from Adam, (I blog surfed over from a friend's blog) but here's how to get rid of the shadow, just stand further from the wall when you take a flash picture. The further you are from the wall, the less likely you will have a shadow from the flash.

Hope that helps! And congratulations on your upcoming arrival!:)

Abramyan Avenue said...

It's so special that you have this blog to document all of this. I wish so badly that blogging was around when I was pregnant. I can't remember much of it and it does make me sad.
Anyway, love, love, love the name Preslee, it's so cute! I am soooo happy for you!!!

Dianna said...

You look great! Glad things are going well.

Laurin said...

Found you through the Francis Family blog... Congratulations! Double check with your doctor, but I was able to take tylenol pm to help me sleep at night, which was GREAT as I got further along.

Megan Biddle said...

Are you due December 6th?

I recently found your blog, and am so excited I did! I am expecting my first on December 6th, and had a lot of fertility issues as well. It was such a relief and blessing to find out that I was pregnant!

We don't know the sex yet, and I'm jealous you do! I can't wait until we find out.

Thank you for blogging all that you do. It makes me feel like I'm normal... :D

Karen At Home said...

Hi Julee, just getting caught up on your blog. OMG, a girl!!!! I am so thrilled for you and LOVE her name! It's so pretty!!!
Having a little girl is so much fun, you are going to love it.
Looking forward to following in your pregnancy journey!

Amo said...

I am so happy for you guys. And I know the nursery seems overwhelming, but you have plenty of time, so take your time and enjoy it! You deserve it! Congratulations again!

Missy Schranz said...

Congrats on your pregnancy! Please stop by and visit me sometime...I'd love the company! http://missyschranz.blogspot.com

The Conway's said...

Congrats on the sweet little girl!! I'm so excited to follow along with you on this awesome journey :)