Girl stuff!

I still can't believe I'm going to be able to shop for girl stuff!! I can't wait to have my own real-life baby doll to dress up everyday! Preslee already has a growing closet and I'm sure by December, it will be quite ridiculous just how many clothes this little girl will have!

Her sweet grandmas (who will more than likely be called Honee & LeLe) got her these precious things! They all say either I love my daddy or Daddy's princess, so I know what I will be shopping for... MOMMY's girl stuff! :)
I love this little frame and can't wait to see my little princess' picture in it!
Jennifer and Brody came by Tuesday night to bring Preslee some girly stuff! Cutest story ever-- Brody saw that frame at Hobby Lobby and said, "Look mommy, that is like Julee's baby!" Then he asked if they could get me that frame! How sweet is that??!! At the time, we didn't know what the gender was, so after we found out it was a girl, Jennifer took him back so he could get the pink one for us! I will never forget that story and absolutely love the frame!

Thank you so much Francis family! I can't wait to see her in those cute clothes! I hope Preslee is as sweet as Brody and Jillian are! I just love those babies so much and can't wait to see MY little girl play with them!

I am trying to make myself not go crazy buying clothes because I know our family and friends will shower us with so many cute things. But when I see cute cheap stuff, I just can't resist!! As I walked through the baby section yesterday, I just thought she NEEDED these cute newborn ballet slippers! :)
And I thought this would be a cute dress for next summer! I am a sucker for tutus!!
I have dreamed for so long about getting to buy my own baby stuff and I can already tell that this little miss is going to break my bank account for sure!! :)


Brooke said...

I know- isn't girl stuff the best? I have been trying to restrain myself too! I have that same pink frame on my desk and love looking at it every day. I totally agree that Miss Paisley and Preslee will have to meet- they may be future pledge sisters!

Dianna said...

You deserve it! So just enjoy and control yourself as much as you can!!

Sara said...

It was so great to meet you yesterday!!

Shopping for baby stuff is just too much fun, so you enjoy:)

She will be one well dressed little angel when she gets here!

Lacy said...

Everything is just so darling.. I love those little socks in the first picture..

You are so blessed to have such wonderful friends.. :)

Brandy said...

i've been readin' your blog for quite some time and this is my first time to comment. i was so glad to read about you being pregnant - and estactic when i learned that you're havin' a girl. you're gonna have sooooo much fun w/ a lil' girl, especially w/ all the dressing up and such. i have both a boy and girl, but our lil' girl is sooo girly and prissy - she loves her bows and shoes along w/ dirt and bugs. congratulations to you both and God Bless.

Taylor said...

So so so sooo happy for you Julee!! It gave me goosebumps reading this!! I can't wait to see what Miss Preslee looks like!

Ashley said...

I have to tell you that girls are so wonderful! I have the same "Love at first sight" frame on my desk at work w/ my sonogram pic in it and I still can't take it down even though Emmalee is already 10 wks old...its a constant reminder of the Lord's miracles! Oh, and the white shoes - precious! I got them for Emmalee for her 1st debut at church...it was Easter Sunday!

Melissa said...

So happy it is a girl! Can't wait to shop for sweet Preslee! Yes I am sure your bank account is going to be used a lot for SHOPPING!!!!!


Betsy said...

It's sweet that one of the grandmothers will be called Honee. My name is Betsy and my family and friends often call me B. When my nephew came along I wasn't ready to be called Aunt B for obvious reasons. Some may consider me an old maid (almost 35 and still single) but I was not ready to wear a bun and apron. So, my nephew calls me HoneyB.

Miss Mac said...

Girl stuff is SO sweet! I'm thinking we have a little boy on the way (not certain yet) and I'm thrilled but must admit the little girl stuff is so much cuter! Have fun and enjoy!

Faith said...

I love what Brody said about the picture frame - that is the cutest! I love all of the girly things you are adding to her closet. So fun!!

Amy~ said...

It so much fun shopping for baby! Our baby due in Dec. is already getting a closet full of diapers! I love to use coupons so every time I find a huggies diaper coupon I use it! Who knew buying diapers could be so much fun.

Oh and little girls can never have too many clothes or shoes!!

Sarah-Anne said...

aw, Brody is such a sweet sweet kiddo!! :)

Melissa Orsak said...

Cute, cute, cute! Pace yourself though, at this rate you will have to buy another house for all the girly things! LOL! Great names for the Grandmas, we have a LeLe too!

Krystal said...

Love all the baby girl stuff!!! I love the picture of you and your hubby on your blog header....your hair is my inspiration and I think I got pretty close to it this weekend for my friends wedding!! Thanks for the inspiration!! Of course, mine is blonde and not as long as yours but its the "poofiness" of it that I'm going after!!

BrookesMommy said...

Hi Julee!
My name is Libby and I'm a bloggin' Momma from PA! I stumbled upon your blog through Kelly's Korner and have been following for some time!

My heart is overflowing with happiness for you and your BABY GIRL news!

May God bless you on this journey of Mommy-hood!

Stop by www.waitingforbabywray.blogspot.com to see my precious princess!

Little girls are just the BEST!

Tahnie said...

oh shopping for girls is just too much fun, i promise! i have my own little miracle girl and i am thrilled to see you are getting yours as well!

all the best!

Cortni said...

I love the name you have picked out for her! If you ever want any hair bows, let me know and I will send them to you, no charge!!

Just tell me where they need to go...my email is cortni.bagby@yahoo.com