Pay attention to me!

Romeo said he has gotten NO attention on the blog lately with all this baby talk!!
And for that matter... he just wants all of my attention right now! He said he knows things are about to change!
Love this pic of Romeo because he looks lik he is trying to listen to Baby T! :)


Dianna said...

Love these pictures! Our puppies need blog love too!

Sarah-Anne said...

aw, so sweet!! he's always going to have top fur baby spot in the house, no? :)

The Wallace Family said...

I have been a follower of your blog for a while but have never commented! Your recent posts have brought me to tears I am so excited and thrilled for you and your family! I have a shih tzu and when I was pregnant with our daughter she knew things were about to change. She started getting in the laundry basket and getting my clothes out of it. Only my clothes. She would take them to her bed and snuggle them haha. I know that sounds so weird and strange and I can't believe I am sharing it with you haha, but my doctor said she could smell the change in my hormones on my clothes. Insane I thought! Good luck with your pregnancy and I look forward to reading your updates as you continue your journey:)

The Mrs.! said...

Furbabies are the greatest.... just waiting around for some lovin'!!!! :)