Sadie's sip & see

Last Saturday, I went to a shower for Hilary and baby Sadie! Hillary posted a great summary on her blog and many more pics of the sweet girls that were all there! I got to meet so many blogger/twitter friends at the shower! It was so much fun! We stayed for 2.5 hours just talking and playing with babies.
The precious guest of honor!
The shower was at Kelly's house. All the food and punch were so delicious!
I didn't do a good job of getting a pic of everyone there but I did have this one of Jennifer, Kelly and me.
Jennifer & Jillian with Sadie and me.

I felt so much joy at this shower because I know that these girls have been praying for us to get pregnant. The first thing they all did was give me a hug and told me how excited they were for us! It's truly an unbelievable feeling of love and support from these girls that I barely know in real life but have such a special friendship with from our blogs! I feel so much gratitude towards everyone that prayed for us!!


Lauren said...

Soooooooo fun!!!!! And I can’t wait to see your VERY own sweet baby in your hands :)

Claire said...

Such an exciting time for you! Praying for a happy, healthy season!


Sarah-Anne said...

you & your friends are too cute, julee! just think, you'll have a baby in your arms someday soon! :D

Missy Schranz said...

Congratulations on your pregnancy! My husband and I battled with infertility, too, and gave up the fight when he contracted cancer in 2003. We may not have children, but I have the best husband in the world and for whatever reason, God just chose us not to be parents....except to our kitty boy, "Jack." Please stop by and say hi!

Nancy said...

Can't wait to see pic's of YOUR shower one day soon! YAY!!!

Hillary said...

I am so glad you came! It is so much fun to see you holding babies and knowing that YOU will have one soon. I'm so helping Kelly give you your own Sip & See! :)

A To Zebra Celebrations said...

Congratulations on your pregnancy!! I found your through Kelly's Korner, but wanted to leave you a comment because I also struggled with infertility for many years. I now have 2 girls! God is good! I know the pain of going through it. Im so happy you will get to be a mommy :) ~Nancy~