Davidson Campground

Last weekend, I said we were without internet service but this is where were were... Davidson Campground! We go to a very old church camp every July! I have written about it the last two years HERE and HERE if you want to read more! This year was a quick visit for us but with me being pregnant and it being so hot this summer, it worked out for the best!
Our cabin that we hang out at all weekend!
The camp falls during my birthday week every year! This year it was the weekend before but we still had cake!
My MIL had this banner up for my birthday! It was pretty funny!
And that poem is all so true!! :) We talked all weekend about Preslee and how different next year will be!
Romeo had a good weekend too! He got good practice being sweet with all the kids!

We can't wait for Preslee's first camp meeting next summer!!!


Kelly said...

That is such an adorable poem that your MIL wrote, you can tell that she is over the moon about becoming a grandmother! Will this be her first grand child? :)
-Kelly F.

Kerry said...

Julee, what is your maiden name? My grandparents are from Arkadelphia and we grew up going to the same campground. My grandparents are Winston and Pauline Mathis. My grandfather passed in January but my grandmother is still alive. Just curious if my grandmother would know your family.

Sarah-Anne said...

that is so awesome; glad ya'll could go!

Cara Beth said...

How fun! Love the poem. Love your belly! :)

Sara said...

Love the poem...so cute! Hope you had a great birthday weekend!