33 weeks

(Romeo wanted to talk to me while I was trying to pose for the pic! I thought this was so sweet!)

Pregnancy Highlights:

How Far Along: 33 weeks
Size of baby: 17.2 inches and about 4.7 pounds
Gender: A GIRL!!! Preslee Bell Turner
Maternity Clothes: Yes and I am excited about my new skinny jeans and fall clothes I can wear this week since it's turned cool!
Weight gain: 18 pounds
Movement: She is moving all around my whole stomach!
Sleep: The last few nights of sleep have been better. I have been limiting the water intake after dinner and Tums right before falling asleep seems to help a little with the reflux pain!
Symptoms: I might be starting to waddle! ha! Mainly because my back feels so weak. Having many stronger braxton hicks throughout the day but nothing painful. I have had a little bit of swelling in my feet and also my wedding rings are off!
Cravings: Rice Krispie treats!
Best moment this week: Having my 2nd baby shower! My college friends were so sweet and I absolutely loved everything about the shower! Pics coming tomorrow!

46 days until due date--- 25 days until full term!!


Taylor said...

You are so gorgeous!! I can't wait to see how beautiful that sweet baby is!!

Mallory said...

You are the cutest pregnant woman I have ever seen! You look fabulous and Preslee will too, can't wait to see her pictures! I also can't believe December 3rd is 7 weeks away!

Kara Wright said...

I've been following your blog for a long time and am just so excited for you! I just had our first baby October 7th and I only went 37 weeks so maybe you will go early too :) Congrats to ya'll!!

Kelly's Avenue said...

You look very beautiful!!!

What a cute pic the last one!!

Karen At Home said...

You look beautiful!! I can't believe you are already 33 weeks. Where has this time gone? You are going to love having a December baby, Jillian was due December 24th, it's such a fun time of year to have a baby around the holidays.

Miss Mac said...

Wow, the countdown really puts it in perspective... not much longer! Can't wait to hear about the second shower!