My 2nd baby shower!

Some of my best friends from college threw me a shower in Little Rock this past Sunday. We all went to college at Ouachita Baptist University. Most of them live in Central Arkansas so it was so fun to get together with everyone I don't get to see near enough!! I seriously had so much fun and loved all these sweet details they thought of to make my day so special!
My good friend, Stefan made this wreath! She has been so crafty lately! This wreath is now hanging on the nursery door and it just looks precious!
My roommate in college, Gracen, was so generous to host the shower at her house and she made this cute diaper cake! We had elephant decor in our dorm room and apartment in college so the gray elephant was such an appropriate decoration at the shower! :)
They know how much I love chocolate! And I just love seeing my little girl's name and initials on so many things!
My cousins, Suzy and Alex came to this shower and I was so excited to see them! They got Preslee her exersaucer which I am sure we'll be using a ton!
Emily and I don't get to see each other enough because she lives in Fort Worth! She is having a sweet baby girl at the end of December! (Luckily for her, my belly is totally covering hers! ha!)
My childhood friend Lauren surprised me with the Nap Nanny, which is SUCH a nice gift!! She said they wanted to do something special because I got stuck in the elevator at her wedding! Ha!
Matt later asked if they make Nap Nanny's in adult sizes because it looked so comfy! :)
Some of my pledge sisters! I wish we got together more often!! I have SO many wonderful memories with these girls!
How cute is this onesie??!!
Love this monogramed bib and bloomers! Our sorority colors were black and red so it was only appropriate for Preslee to get some red and black things along with all her pink stuff! :)
It was so good to see Kimbo and Jessica! I haven't seen either of these girls in over a year!
I am so thankful to have such sweet friends that already love Preslee so much too!! I had the best time putting away all the goodies I got from the shower!

We are blessed with so many friends and family who shower us with love before Preslee arrives! And we even have one more shower in our hometown! I am so grateful for all these sweet gifts for our baby girl!


Savannah said...

Such a sweet shower! I love the wreath. Preslee is so loved by so many already!

Kelly's Avenue said...

Beautiful shower

Anonymous said...

Everything looked just amazing! How awesome of your friends to throw you such a great shower. Looks like you got all sorts of fantastic things. I LOVE that wreath, beautiful!

Kimberly said...

Love the wreath on the front door

Lauren said...

Oh Julee!!!! Just love!!!!!!!!!! :)

Ann said...

How awesome and sweet!!! I love the onesie I heart Romeo - great gift!!

Erin said...

I LOVE that wreath and onesie!!! How adorable!!!

T's Mommy said...

How fun! Nap Nanny is a life saver!!

Sarah-Anne said...

you have the best friends, girl!! i can't wait til PTB makes her appearance :D

Brooke said...

What a great shower! You are going to LOVE the nap nanny- Paisley LOVES hers! I can't wait for Preslee's arrival- we'll have to get our girls together some day.

Lianna Knight said...

The wreath is absolutely adorable...but you know I fell in LOVE with the I love Romeo onesie.....PERFECT!!!