35 weeks

Pregnancy Highlights:

How Far Along: 35 weeks
Size of baby: 18.2 inches and about 5.6 pounds
Gender: A GIRL!!! Preslee Bell Turner
Maternity Clothes: Yes everything is maternity at this point! And if you are really observant, you will notice I had on the same shirt 3 weeks ago in my weekly pic. I am running out of options and don't feel like buying anything for only a month!
Weight gain: 19 pounds
Movement: Poor girl has got to be cramped in my small torso! I feel her trying to stretch and roll around! She has active times of the day and from 12am-2am she moves the most of all! I am sure she will be a night owl like her parents! :)
Sleep: Besides the many pee breaks and normal aches in the night, I am sleeping decently!
Symptoms: Fatigue is getting worse, tons of braxton hicks contractions, pains in my back, ribs and hips and many twinges, aches & pressure as I feel her getting lower!
Cravings: Nothing new this week... I want many things (like mexican food) but have to go without because of the pain I would feel if I ate it!
Best moment this week: Starting my weekly doctor appts! But on that note, my least favorite moment was my first cervix check! Ouch!

31 days until due date--- 10 days until full term!!


Libby's Life said...

I ran out of things to wear really quick so I was wearing the same things over and over! I was extremely sick of my clothes by the end of my pregnancy!

Laura said...

Julie you always look so pretty in your weekly pics!! I have total hair envy. :) Good luck in your final five weeks!

dave and jenn said...

You are almost there! Maybe she'll come early like my little one did, and you'll be back to eating Mexican food before you know it. :)

Kimberley said...

getting close!! can't wait to 'meet' preslee :) be blessed!

The Williams said...

Wow Julee...can't believe you are only 5 weeks away (or less) from meeting your precious baby girl! She is very blessed to have such a great mommy and daddy!

Sarah-Anne said...

her arrival is getting SO CLOSE i can't stand it!

Nancy said...

Oh my goodness!! She's so close to her debut!!
I'm so excited! You will be able to breathe again instantly once she is out!!! YAY!!!

Brittany said...

You look gorgeous as always!! She will be here in no time!

MeTheMama said...

don't worry, after you give birth you won't find many things painful ;)