Weekend with the Shibas!

Romeo's best friend Tucker is spending the weekend with us! We all LOVE having him here with us!
Romeo waiting for Tuck to arrive on Thursday!
They do everything together! :)
Tucker was waving at the camera!
Sweet boys! So similar yet so many differences!
This is how I found them on Friday morning! Loved this pic!
They play a lot but they sure need a lot of rest too! Tucker likes to cuddle and I love it!

I love Shiba Inus so much! I am not sure I can have any other kind of dog! :)


Maryellen said...

Oh my gosh, that photo of the doggie's in the chairs is hysterical. I think you should service them some coffee. HAH
Very, very cute.

RJ said...

Your friends are so lucky to have you watch their dog!! You are such a great dog mama and will be such a wonderful mama to Preslee as well!! Love the photo of the two boys on the chairs!!

Emily said...

They are precious!!

Cara Beth said...

LOVE these pics! Too cute! Oh how I love doggies so much! :)

Anonymous said...

Waving at the camera- too cute!!!
They are beautiful :)

Miss Mac said...

We are the same about golden retrievers & newfies! Fur babies are the best!

Laura said...

Those pictures are so funny! Love the one in the chairs... I have an identical one of my dogs sitting side by side in our patio chairs. They think they're human! Love the first one...he looks so excited!

Crystal Renee said...

That is so darn cute!!