Childhood friends plus babies!

When I was home for Christmas, some of my hometown friends got together to hang out and have a play date with all the new kiddos! It was so fun to see each other since we don't all live near each other anymore!
Katie and her fiance Kevin were in town from NYC and arranged this get together! I was so excited for Katie to meet Preslee! :)
Kristin and me with our baby girls! Elliott was only 5 days old here! I love that we are mommies together and can't wait for our girls to be best friends like their mommas!
Preslee woke up and wasn't happy at all!
Mommies trying to get their babies to take a pic... but it just wasn't working at all!
Two of my best friends had boys a year ago and then the 2 girls were born this year so we tried to take a pic of the 4 kids... this is how it went!
Seriously, I laugh so hard every time I see this pic! The girls are NOT happy and the boys are so confused!
Gus is over the screaming and just got up to leave!

There is a special love I feel for my best friends kids! I can't wait for more play dates when they are older and the girls are a little more pleasant! :)


Rachae and Janelle said...

Oh my goodness.... And now I have babyitis.... :) So cute. Congratulations!

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Sarah-Anne said...

Too cute <3 Preslee has so many great friends already!

Anna & Kirby said...

too cute! That must be great to have friends all in the same phase of life together!

Twinkletoes said...

These photos are priceless! I love the photos with the boys having NO patience with the girls. Absolutely priceless!