Our family loves Preslee!

I meant to to share this post this week but I have been busy and not on my computer all week! These are just a few more pics from our time at home last weekend!
Preslee has her own suitcases! My mom got them for Preslee and Seth and I think they are so cute!
Preslee met her great uncle Jimmy! She thought he was pretty funny!
Love this face!
G-dad pretty smitten over his great-granddaughter!
Gram & G-dad got Preslee her first bike! haha! Gram said she just couldn't pass it up! Preslee is the first baby in 20 years so everyone is just going crazy over her! :)
Then we went to spend time at my parents house!
We made muffins with Nanny!
Look at that bed head! :) I love when this girl smiles!
These boys crack me up! They are both sitting on bar stools waiting for some breakfast! ha!
My cousins Suzy and Alex came to see Preslee! They read her a book and she loved it!
This baby girl is pretty special!


Abramyan Avenue said...

Preslee is so beautiful!! It looks like her her hair is lightening up. You can tell she is a super loved baby!!

Coco said...

Love the suitcases! How precious! Preslee is gorgeous! So happy for you and your sweet family!

Sarah-Anne said...

So sweet...your family is in love with that cutie and I don't blame them. She is precious!

Kodi said...

EVERYONE loves Preslee! She is so stinking precious. I'm so thankful y'all got your miracle baby. :)

Ashley said...

She is sooooo sweet. Shes so pretty she looks like a porcelain doll.

Sara said...

Oh Julee she is adsoultey gorgous i absoultey love her hair and as a hairdresser you will have loads of fun with her hair . you can definatley see that she is so loved but who wouldn't be.

Emily Richardson said...

The bike and the boys at the counter a to die for:)! Love all of P's pics too of course:)