Little girls.

Remember this??! This is my good childhood friend Emily who was 6 weeks ahead of me during pregnancy and who is coincidentally 6 weeks older than me!
And these are the little girls that were growing in our tummy!
Annabel was born exactly 6 weeks before Preslee!
I love this one! Annabel is looking at Preslee like "Why are you leaning on me?" :)
Annabel is such a happy baby! Preslee started to cry and Annabel started smiling at her! ha!
I love these little girls!


The Thomas Family said...

I have not ever commented on your blog but read all the time. I love your daughters hair. It is adorable!!! I saw on twitter you are going back to work, Good luck you will do great!!!!

Randi said...

Preslee is just the cutest thing ever!!! She's a mini-me of you Julee!!

Nancy said...

PRECIOUS! Praying that your transition back to working part time is a smooth one!!