4 months

Things to remember about Preslee's fourth month:
  • At your 4 month appt, you weighed 12.2 (25%), 22.8 inches long (10%) and your head is 15.8 inches (35%).
  • You are wearing size 1 diapers and 0-3/3 month clothes.
  • You are still breastfeeding exclusively! You take a bottle of breast milk very easily if we are out and about or with a sitter!
  • You are nursing is getting quite a bit faster! Normally just 20-25 min and eating every 3/3.5 hours during the day and you are sleeping 10 sometimes 11 hours at night!
  • My favorite time with you is still after you nurse. Your smile is the sweetest thing I have ever seen!
  • You talk constantly and get louder if we are paying attention to you. Your giggle is getting bigger and louder too! We will do anything to hear you laugh!
  • You are officially out of the swaddle! I just tried it one night and we never went back.
  • You love to take naps in your swing and sleep there most days because you will sleep longer than in the crib! I love that you fall asleep so easily there!
  • Your still taking Prevacid along with mylanta twice a day for reflux.
  • You love to kick and play on your piano play mat and have started to turn all circles on the mat.
  • You found your thumb and try to suck it but never suck for long. I was a thumb sucker so I am ok with you sucking yours since you won't take a paci!
  • Your hair is growing still crazy! I have tried all kinds of things with it lately but it has a mind of its own!
  • Still hate your car seat but some days aren't as bad. I really hope this gets better soon!
  • We started using the stroller and letting you face forward and you love it!! You feel like such a big girl!
  • You still really enjoy your bath and have started to kick and splash.
  • You went on your first long road trip to TN to visit Papaw! You watched Mickey Mouse clubhouse when you were awake and did surprisingly pretty well in the car for that long!
  • You have started to notice Romeo more and sometimes even smile at him! I think he loves you but is a little jealous of all the attention we give you!
Romeo wanting his picture made too... actually he wanted my attention! :)
After St. Patricks day, I noticed that green looks so cute on you! I love this Polo romper and I am so excited to start dressing you in your summer clothes!
And this is how we end all photo shoots! Little Diva!

Preslee- I didn't know I could love anything so much! I also don't know how my love for you will grow more because I feel like my heart is full now that I have you! You are my little buddy and I love spending my days with you! Daddy and I argue over who loves you more. We think you are the prettiest and sweetest baby we have ever seen! Our whole family is absolutely obsessed with you and want to see you every chance they get! That means lots of FaceTime! We all love you more than words can even say!


Shell said...

Preslee is so precious! I could not be happier for you and your sweet little family. Thanks for sharing special memories with your blog friends!

Cory said...

Aww! That was the sweetest post at the end there. I remember feeling the same way. My girl will be 8 this month, and it is bitter sweet. First of all... I can't seem to carry a pregnancy to term. since I had my son almost 4 years ago, and I can't believe my first baby will be so old. She is my buddy too, and as cool as it is to have her be this age, I think to myself where did time go. Motherhood is just the best...

Kelly said...

She gets me with her hair each and every time you post her pictures on here, she's so petite and yet with all that gorgeous hair, she reminds me of a miniature toddler, giggles :) I love all these pictures you post of her, I don't even know her and I just get giddy when I see them...she's beautiful...and she seems like she has such a big personality to just be 4 months :)


Emily Richardson said...

Annabel had that romper and pic! I feel a twinkie pic in the making:) Remember how we used to call each other to wear the same thing- ha:)!

PatriceLSU said...

She is adorable and so sweet looking. Our little girl is 3 months old and has HATED her car seat from about 2 weeks old. We thought it was a phase, but it wasn't. She was SCREAMING her little heart out because she was having a bout with motion sickness. A friend of mine suggested switching her car seat to the convertible type and face it backwards (obviously)...she hasn't cried in the car since. She even falls asleep in the car which never used to happen. I think them being able to see out of the window helps. It's worth a shot.
God Bless your sweet little family!

Randi said...

I love this!! so sweet!

Crystal Renee said...

She is so darn precious! I love her hair!!!!

Erikita said...

wow, already 4 mths...she's small for her age..precious though!

Kim said...

I can totally relate to a baby with reflux. It made such a huge difference when I started putting mine in her bouncy seat to sleep at 7 weeks instead of putting her in the crib. She is 15 months and still takes her afternoon nap in there. I didn't comment back then, but your post on postpartum was something I could totally relate to as well. Thanks for being real.