Trip to Tennesee

A couple of weekends ago, my mom and I took Preslee to see our family in Tennessee! It was a long drive but Preslee did really good. We only stopped once going both ways! I brought along a dvd player and she loved watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse when she was awake after eating. We had a good weekend visiting family and eating great food!
My Uncle Harvey and Aunt B (Brenda) also live in the town with my Papaw and they were really excited to finally meet Preslee too!
My Papaw was so excited we were coming and couldn't wait to have Preslee at his house for the whole weekend!
My mom's best childhood friend also came to meet Preslee and brought along her daughter and grandchildren! Deana and I grew up seeing each other when I visited Tennessee and it's so neat to see our kids together now!
Preslee and Paige are exactly a year apart!
Preslee got her first cold while we were there. But she was super sweet even though she didn't feel well. She found her thumb and tried to suck it many times!
Preslee loved my Aunt B so much! She laughed and smiled so much when playing with her!
We literally sat around all weekend looking at Preslee! :)
Preslee had a setup at my Papaw's house and without many toys, she got to watch more tv than she normally does! :) He had a baby channel that she really loved!
Preslee wore her very special dress that my Papaw got for her before she was born!
We took Preslee to put new flowers on my Nanny's grave! I really wish she was here to see Preslee. She would be obsessed and love Preslee so much!
See what I mean... 7 adults just sat and looked P all weekend! ha!
And Miss P loved ALL the attention!
This pic cracks me up because my papaw said we were freezing him out of the house because we wanted the air conditioner on! He keeps his house at 73-75 and we were sweating! He had to put on his winter coat because we had it on 70! :)
I am so glad we made the trip to spend this special time with our family that doesn't get to see Preslee often! Very special memories!


Elizabeth said...

Stringer? That's my last name! Looks like y'all had a great weekend! Glad your family got to see Preslee!!

Nancy said...

Your Nanny was born on my son, Logan's, birthday :) Or I should say, he was born on her birthday! I love Paige's little shoes. She & Preslee will have lots of fun I bet when you go visit as they get older :)

Wiz said...

Awww what part of TN. That is where I grew up and moved from just a few months ago. And I would get along great with your grandfather! I keep my house at 76 right now :)