Mother's Day!

Today is my first Mother's day! I have always wanted to be a mom so this was a very special year to finally get to celebrate! 
I love this new picture of us taken before church this morning!
 I have been wanting a Mom ring so Matt and Preslee got me one for my Mother's day present! I love it!

My parents came up this weekend so that we could be together for my nephew, Seth's baby dedication at their church! 
 The dedication was during the 8:00 service. It was rough getting up so early but we love this sweet boy and didn't want to miss it! 
 Daddies and their babies are so sweet!
 Mr. Cool after church!
Seth put on a drum show before brunch!
 And our mom's opened their gifts! 
 Brunch was delicious! We had pumpkin bread, blueberry muffins, strawberry bread, sausage rolls and fresh fruit! 

 I feel so blessed to be this beautiful baby girl's momma! I will never forget the pain I felt on mother's day for the years I struggled with infertility but when I look at this sweet face, I know it was all worth it! 

Hope all of you had a good mother's day and if you are praying-to-be a momma, never give up hope! You never know what your next Mother's day will be like! 


Summer said...

This was such a beautiful post that left me in tears! I have read since I have been blogging your blog and have become bloggy friend's with Jennifer, Katie, Melissa and Ashley! I have prayed many times for you and Matt during your struggles to get pregnant for I know first hand how hard it is to want a baby so bad and struggle so hard to have one! God blessed us and our baby is now FIVE! WOW time sure does fly! We never take one second for granted as I know you two won't either! Preslee is just gorgeous, that ring is just precious, I learn a lot from you Arkansas girls lol, never heard of Matilda Jane til I met ya'll now I have never heard of a mom ring until now lOL! Your nephew is so cute! I agree daddy's and their babies are so precious! Sweet post and Happy Happy 1st Mother's Day Julee!! YOu deserve it :O)

hallmtn said...

I love your ring with Preslee's name! Where did your husband get it?

Casey Collyar said...

The years of pain were overcome by the feeling of such joy today. If we could only take the pain away for all sweet ladies longing to be Mommies. Although it has made us stronger in our lives it is a pain I wish on noone. So thankful I had you to ask questions to and to share our pregnancy feelings together. Happy Mother's Day.

Stephanie said...

Happy first Mother's Day!! Love your ring, I've been wanting one too!!!

Perfectly Imperfect said...

I'm new to your blog but have kept you in my prayers in the past via word from Kelly. I am so thrilled you got to experience your first Mother's Day!! What a special, special day!!

Sara said...

So happy for you! That ring was so sweet!

Kelly said...

Hope your Mother's day was great! Love your ring! Preslee is adorable!