Big girl stuff!

Preslee is growing like a weed and I wanted to post a few pics of her doing big girl things! 
She is eating solids for breakfast and dinner!
She loves to eat!
She looks at our food while we are eating and loves when we let her try some of it!
Bath in the big tub is so fun every night! 

I wash her hair as soon as we get in the bath otherwise she gets mad that she has to stop playing with her toys for me to do it! :) 

A few weeks ago, she started army crawling. Last week, she took off full out crawling and hasn't stopped since!
 She sleeps on her belly most nights now! It scared me a first but after going in and checking on her many times and watching the monitor, I have let it go and know that she can turn back over if she can't breathe!
She loves her brother Romeo! Thankfully he loves her too!
We are having a great summer and loving any chance we get to swim!
 I want to just gobble her up! 


mariel said...

those eyes! beautiful. LOVE that pic of her and romeo. my daughter loves our two dogs and i love seeing them together.

waiting and wishing said...

I cannot believe how big she is getting! She is SO cute!

Miss Mac said...

Catching up on your recent posts. How many swimsuits does this little girl own, lol? I love that she and the dog get along so well and how she is tiny but doing such big girl things! Go Preslee!

MeTheMama said...

I don't want to freak you out but it's been scientifically proven that babies at that age do NOT have the ability to automatically turn over if they can't breathe. Some babies would and some wouldn't but it's not something that comes natural to them. It's a function in their brain that has not yet developed and thats also why you shouldn't be using bumper pads or sleeping with anything in the crib besides a fitted sheet. In Canada they inform us of these things but I don't think they do as much in the US.

The Niemeyer Nest said...

Beautiful girl! She is getting big. I love the picture of her eating the corn.

Carrie said...

She is the cutest little thing! We're about to start solids and I;m curious how you did it? It seems everyone has a different way of doing it...some of my friends started with rice cereal, some started with fruits and veggies. How do you know when to move on to something else? It seems confusing! I guess I could always ask my pediatrician, too...LOL!

Katie said...

Julee, our baby girls remind me so much of eachother as far as milestones, they are right in step with eachother it seems! Lillie sleeps on her belly all the time too, it really bugged me the first couple nights too, but the video monitor gives me great comfort! Do you have one of those too? She is a gorgeous baby! Aren't they just so amazing? I never knew love like this existed!!

Cara Beth said...

I LOVE the pic of her & Romeo!