Disney from my iPhone!

We are having a blast at Disney World this week! I love seeing P's face when seeing the characters or riding the fun rides! We are all so hot and tired but there is really nothing like being here! Can't wait to share more pics and videos once I get home to my computer! 

Day 1 was spent at Magic Kingdom! P loved Minnie more than I ever imagined. She cried everything she left! 
Day 2 at Epcot! Breakfast with our princess and the Disney princesses! This was so fun and P loved every minute of being dressed up! We went back to Magic Kingdom for the Electric parade and fireworks! So awesome!
Day 3 we spent at the Animal kingdom! I loved this place! P loved her "makeup" face paint and even got more comfortable with the characters! 
We met up with Matt's former co-anchor and her family for the parade! Sweet to see her son Cruz and P playing. I know Matt would have loved that we met up with them. 

I wish I lived closer so we could come see minnie all the time! Ha! :) 


Ashley said...

So glad y'all are having a great time! I can't wait to take our little guy to Disney!

Miranda said...

I love your pictures! Such a great trip and so many great memories!!! Glad ya'll had an amazing time!!! :) She is seriously SO SO SO cute!

Sonya said...

So fun! I can't wait for our trip next year! Disney has always felt like home to me. If I could move into the castle I would.

Jennifer said...

so cute! Love all the pics. Hope we get to take the boys in May!

Gardiner Family said...

Thinking about you tonight as you remember.

ginacate said...

That was a beautiful story tonight. Thinking of you and Preslee!