Moving again!

Well its true! We are moving to another house in Fayetteville after only living in the current one for 4 months! AHH!! I know you are thinking we are nuts! I think that sometimes too. Really all I can do is laugh about it.
The owner of the home we are renting is moving back to Fayetteville and we decided rather than him have to get his own rental house and us having to move out next June when our contract is up, that we would just go ahead and move now. The weather is so nice this time a year versus June! So my family had planned to come see us next weekend so, we found another awesome rental house just a minute away from the one now and we are getting all the contracts signed today and if all goes as planned will be moving next Friday the 24th!
So wish me luck packing and pray for my sanity while you are at it!! :)


carabeth and brent said...

Good luck with the move! I've moved three times in the three years I've lived in Little Rock. NOT FUN!

Blissfully Enamored said...

Julee!! I randomly found your blog from Cara Beth's!! Good luck with the move and I know you will have fun re-decorating a new house!! It's always fun to have a new clean start!! :)

Blissfully Enamored said...

Terri, Megan, and I will be there at the late show! I better see you there! I cannot wait to be back! Last time that I was there was exactly a year ago! I miss it!! :)

By the way....Romeo, Oh Romeo is soooooo presh!!!!!

Amanda and Franklin said...

Hey Julee- great to see you guys this weekend!! Can you give me your address- which ever one you want :)

The Cowart Family said...

Julee, it was great to see you guys too! I hope everything goes smoothly this weekend with yalls move. ( I can't wait till you get to blog about little baby Turner; your going to make a great mom!)