Shiba Inu play date

Tucker Duffield came to play tonight! We have had many play dates for Tucker and Romeo but somehow we let a month go by and we haven't seen him since Labor Day weekend. When they arrived Blake, Leslie and I were in utter shock at how much Tucker and grown! Every time we get them together they look more and more alike. Most Shibas look similar but they are almost identical! We love to watch them play because they play the same way. Mostly they bite each other and run around crazy chasing each other but they are just so cute! I took some video of them but I don't think I can bring myself to put it on here for all of you to hear my nasally voice every time you watch it! Hopefully Romeo and Tucker can be friends forever! :)

They really are sweet dogs, just not to each other!

This is the only time they laid down for 2 hours and I think they were just trying to share a bone.

Finally got them still enough to pose for a picture. Treats were definitely involved!

I had put Romeo's food on the table to keep away from Tucker and Romeo decided he was hungry and would just jump up on the chair to get his food! He has never done that before. It was pretty funny!

Tucker makes me want another Shiba puppy!

They fought all night...

But made up before Tucker went home!


Amanda and Franklin said...

Hey- love the blog!! Isn't it so much fun? Yes, we are planning on going to the reunion. Franklin is for sure and I will see how long I can be gone from our little one :) Hope to see you guys there!!

The Williams' said...

Cute pups!!! They look like they are lots of fun!