The past few days...

Well... we had a great weekend. Lisa and Andy got here on Saturday afternoon. We all went to eat at Outback and stuffed ourselves like always! I know we shouldn't ever order a Bloomin' Onion but seriously that is one of the best things that God put on this earth! Matt and I love for our families to come visit us. Sam had a good time too once he started playing with Romeo and Ruby. Matt and Lisa laughed at Sam because he acted like the nerdy child that had never played with other kids. He literally didn't know what to think about them but once he went outside he could run around they chased him.

After we ate at Outback, I ran back up to the hospital so that we could have a 1 day old birthday party for Brody! It was fun. I had gotten a cake from Ricks so Jen's family and I had our own little celebration.

We went to the mall on Sunday and I got a few new things at Forever 21. I just love that store because everything is so cheap! I got the cutest black and white coat for $39.90! The way that fashion styles change so fast I like to buy cute stuff for cheap so that I don't feel bad if I don't wear it the next year!

Jennifer, Josh and Brody got to leave the hospital on Sunday evening. I made it up there just in time to take some pics of them leaving. I know they were so ready to just be in the comfort of their own home after 3 long days in the hospital.

Of course I had to go see my sweet Brody this afternoon. I took a ton of pics of him!

Jen had taken his clothes off to try to make him wake up and nurse. And after he got done he was so content just sitting in her lap so I took these precious pics of him. I just love this little guy so much!

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Tracy Purdy said...

What a precious baby! Tell them congrats for us!