Babysitting Brody

Friday, I made my almost daily visit to see Brody. I was visiting with Jennifer and Josh and they mentioned they were going out to eat with some friends so I volunteered to keep Brody. I figured they would want him to go with them but they said I could keep him!!! I was so excited! They dropped him off around 6:30 and didnt come back until about 10:00! We had such a good time and it was good practice for Romeo to see us with a baby! At first Romeo wasn't real sure what to think about him but decided by the end of the night that he didn't mind him at all!

Although, I think the real reason was warming up to Brody was because he wanted his pacifier! I was mortified when Josh and Jen came to get Brody and Romeo saw the pacifier laying on the chair and grabbed it and ran off! I guess I need to get Romeo his own pacifier!

Thank you Jennifer for trusting me with your precious baby boy! I love him so much!!

He is so strong and rollin all over the place!

He loves to talk to JuJu!

Romeo isn't sure what to think about Baby Brody! I love that expression Romeo has!

Starting to warm up and wanting to smell of him! Brody didn't seem phased at all by Romeo!

Romeo jumped up on the bed to try to figure out what was going on! See him eyeing the pacifier?!

So sweet!!

What is that smell? :)

They are both such sweet boys!!


Jennifer said...

You are so sweet! Brody loves you so much! I know he had a wonderful time with you and Romeo. Josh and I are so thankful for you! You do so much for us and Brody! Brody was happy to share his pacifier with Romey!:) Tell him I have a paci for him and I will bring it to him this week!!

Kelly said...

I think this is GREAT practice for ya'll!!! :-) Romeo will make a great big brother one day!

Jessica said...

What a fun night!

Chris & Whitney said...

I love the last picture! They look like they're posing together! So cute!

Jessica said...

My blog was designed by Brandy Foshe on my blogroll. She is super affordable! Have a great week!