Northwest Arkansas is currently in the middle of an ice storm! Normally I would not care that I couldn't do anything other than lay in my pjs on my couch, watching some great Monday night tv with my macbook in my lap but for some reason when I'm not supposed to drive anywhere I feel claustrophobic. Matt has officially grounded me! He told me I am not allowed to drive anywhere until tomorrow and tomorrow is to be determined! Before dark, I bundled up and played with Romeo in the back yard. I cooked homemade chicken noodle soup and now I am settling in on the couch. Tonight's tv agenda goes as such...The Bachelor, Jon and Kate plus 8, The City and I hate to admit it but Daddy's girl. Hopefully I can get some laundry folded too! 

Also did anyone else watch the On Board Air Force One on National Geographic channel last night? It was seriously one of the coolest documentaries I have seen. I love anything that has to do with the President so I of course couldn't get enough of this. There was another one about Marine One the helicopter that President rides in. Well if you didn't watch it... it will be showing again at 7:00pm and again at 10:00pm on Wednesday! It is a must see so set your DVRs!!

I know many of you are also stranded at home like me so get to posting so I have something else to add to my boring night's agenda! 


Katie said...

I wish I had seen that documentary! I love seeing pics of Air Force One. So cool.

Jason has his pilot's license so he's gotten me interested in planes, I guess. ; ) We'll watch it Wednesday. Thanks!

Jennifer said...

I caught up on laundry, made fijitas, baked cookies, read blogs, nursed, got spit up ALL OVER, and now I'm watching the Dish go in and out because of the ice. I wish you could have come over. Matt probably was watching the Romeo Cam to see if you stayed home!! haha!

Did you DVR that to your sling box tonight?

Jennifer said...

Just kidding it said Wednesday. I promise my brain works.

Terri said...

Ok, if you don't already know about this blog...I am about to introduce you to a dirty secret...not really...but it's this girl who blogs about The Bachelor! You have got to go back and read from the beginning of the season. She recaps every episode. Every Tuesday I check it religiously until she posts!!! www.ihategreenbeans.com. She writes EXACTLY what you were thinking. SO FUNNY!

The Bost Family said...

We would love to meet you at pinnacle hills. Probably not this Sunday since we are helping my sister move but maybe that next week. We have been going to the Methodist Church in Bentonville but I really want to see the series on families that they are doing at pinnacle. We watched it on TV on Sunday but it doesn't really feel like church when you watch it in your pj's.

Hope you are staying warm!

Kelly said...

I have totally missed the bachelor now. I'm hoping my DVR doesn't erase it so Harper and I can catch up when we get home. And hopefully there will be a City Marathon on MTV some day so I can catch up with that too.
We are stranded in the hospital - wish I could be in my pj's! ha! Have a good snow day!