A Birthday and vet visit!

It has taken me so long to get over this exhaustion from moving last weekend. Finally on wednesday I snapped out of it and took down all the Christmas decorations! The house seems so bare but it so nice and clean. Yesterday was my wonderful husbands birthday! I was trying so hard to get a good dinner cooked and his favorite strawberry cake made before he got home. I also had to take Romeo to the vet...

Romeo and I arrived at our vet clinic is Springdale and he decides he doesn't want to be there as soon as we walk in. He kept going to the door and trying to get out. He started shaking and whining. Why do dogs hate the vet so much?? I felt so sorry for him but we had to get a spot on his chest checked and get his toenails clipped. So I had to be there at 3:45 and I didn't leave there until 5:00! He was so bad! I could hear him crying through 2 doors. Once when the doors were open I heard a lot of commotion and then saw a bunch of medicine bottles and stuff fall all over the floor. Yes that would have been my dog freaking out and had knocked over a whole table full of stuff. He also had to have a mussel so they could trim his nails. Well he tried to take the mussel off himself and one of this dewclaws got stuck in the mussel and ripped nearly all the way off! So they had to doctor it as well as shave around the sore on his chest which ended up being RING WORM! I was so grossed out. Matt is so afraid of getting the ring worm. Romeo has had this spot for a few weeks so I am pretty sure we would have already gotten it by now. So now I am doctoring his ring worm 2 times and day and his dewclaw 3-4 times a day!

I got home from the vet and was preparing for dinner. I had everything ready and I was waiting to grill the steaks until Matt was on his way home. Well I went to start the grill and nothing happened! I started freaking out and texted Matt. He said the propane might not be turned on or maybe worse, it could be out of gas! I was trying not to stress. I called my dad and he told that me how to turn the propane on and it started up! I was in luck!!! I was so afraid that it was out of gas and then I would have just been screwed. Matt only has an hour for dinner so that doesn't leave anytime for tragedies! I didn't take any pictures of Matt on his 29th birthday and I am so mad but oh well not like he would have really wanted to pose with his presents anyway! :)

I am so thankful for Matt and I don't know what I would do without him. We have been together for 8.5 years and on Tuesday we will celebrate our 2nd wedding anniversary! I will post some of our wedding pics next week!

Have a great weekend!!


Amy said...

Happy Birthday Matt. Don't feel bad. . .we once ran out of propane half way through cooking a huge pork loin on our grill!

Be Blessed,

Amy (Honestly)

Stephanie Wood Smith said...

Hey, how did you make your dog themed picture thing at the top of your blog???