* WARNING - This might be too many pictures for one post! I got a little carried away but what can I say I LOVED my wedding day! :)

Matt's dad's Bible and candle were placed on stage in honor of him.


Bridesmaids and Honorary Bridesmaids

Groomsmen and Ushers

My parents

Matt's Family


Groom's Cake

Bride's cake

My only living Grandparent! I love my Papaw!

All of my EEE sisters!

The Snow sure looked pretty but did not feel good in my eyes!

Saying goodbye to my brother!

We were off to Aruba!

It is so crazy to me that I have ONLY been married 2 years and at the same time I can't believe its been 2 years since my wedding! Does that make sense?

Matt and I met the summer of 2000. We were at a church camp way out in the country. We just hung out with friends and talked on the porch during that summer night. Then in September, I ran into him again at church. He asked me to go eat with his family after wards. So without sounding too giddy, I said YES! :) That was September 10, 2000. I can't believe we have been together for over 8 years!

In 2003, Matt got a job in Fayetteville, AR. I was still at OBU and had two more years. This was a hard time because we were 3.5 hours away from each other. His dad had just been diagnosed with Leukemia and so most of our time was spent meeting in Little Rock at UAMS. I still have wonderful memories of that time though. We found out a lot about each other and our relationship grew stronger everyday. We had a long distance relationship for 3.5 years total.

After I graduated from OBU, my parents planned a trip to Maui, HI. All I wanted for graduation was for Matt to get to go with us. So of course my parents were in on this but I had no idea what was coming for me. July 4th at a Luau, Matt got down on one knee and asked me to marry him!!

It was the best moment of my life! That whole trip would take a whole other post to talk about!!

We decided to wait until I was done with Cosmetology school before we got married. So we were engaged for 17 months. I do not recommend that. It was so hard to wait that long and having to talk about a wedding for that long just about did me in! But the wedding turned out wonderful and exactly how I dreamed it would be. A huge thanks to my mom for making my dreams a reality and my dad for making the whole day actually happen! He deserves the biggest thank you since he is the one that paid for it! I love them both so much!

Matt is absolutely my soul mate. I can not imagine not waking up beside him everyday. I love that we have all the same interests and that we love to be with each other no matter what we are doing! This has honestly been the two best years of my life! I love you so much Matt!


Rich and Renee said...

oh my gosh....i can't stop boo hooing. what a beautiful story. i am so happy for you two and wish you the happiest anniversary! congratulations!

Jennifer said...

Julee, That might be the sweetest things I have ever heard you say! Seriously, that was too sweet!

It's so weird to me when I look at those pictures and think about how we were friends then, but how much closer we are now!

On another note, I apologize for looking like I am whistling in that picture and I'm very glad you are doing my hair now because my hair was so dark! Yuck!

Happy Anniversary to one of my very favorite couples!

The Bost Family said...

Happy Anniversary, I can't believe it's already been two years... actually it feels a lot longer. I love all the wedding pictures, I remember how beautiful it was and how beautiful of a bride you were and the cake was really good too! I hope you guys have a wonderful Anniversary!

Jennifer said...

Why didn't you post a picture of your friend catching your bouquet? Hahaha!!

Lauren Sullivant said...

uOh my gosh!!!!! I LOVE THIS POST! Probably my favorite and you look absolutely beautiful! And everything looks just perfect! The cakes, the flowers, your dress, EVERYTHING looks soo good!!! I LOVE YOU!

Katie said...

How sweet! Loved your wedding pictures! You looked gorgeous!

We also went to Aruba on our honeymoon. I never hear of people going there! What did you guys do!?

I think we drove the entire island in 3 days! Then laid out by the pool with the iguanas. It was great!

Kelly said...

I have a lot of comments on this:
Thanks for sharing your pictures - your wedding was GORGEOUS! And you might have been one of the most beautiful brides I've ever seen - I LOVE your dress!!!
Cute picture with your EEE friends! I was so old by the time I got married that I didn't really get to have a tri chi circle at the wedding. ha!
SOOOOOO neat you get engaged in Maui!!! How romantic - that's where we went on our honeymoon!
Ya'll are such a cute couple - no pressure - but you are going to have the CUTEST kids! :-)
And P.S. I was only engaged for 5 months - and that seemed too long.
Happy Anniversary!

Nancy said...

You are the prettiest bride I have ever seen, Julee!! How perfect of a day for you both!!!