Dog lover

So... a while back I told ya'll about the Shiba puppy live web cam. Well being the dog lover that I am I have kept up with those 6 shiba pups. They have a website sfshiba.com which they have added recent pics of the cute puppies that all are all grown up! I found this hilarious pic of one of the Shibas named Akoni with his husky friend. I am assuming they are still friends after this picture! :)

The reason this picture is so funny to me is because my husky Kota that lives at my parents probably would like to try to do this to my sweet Romeo! That is NOT Kota and Romeo in the picture above!! But this is Kota and Romeo after spending this past weekend running on the golf course, long walks with my dad, lots of wrestling and playing fetch!!

Isn't it crazy how much these dogs looks alike! I don't think I will be capturing a pic of Romeo's head in Kota's mouth because I would never let that happen!!!!


Whitney said...

Julee...ive been reading your blog...this one is so funny.
I am a dog lover as well, and both of the pictures you uploaded are funny....oh to be able to run and play and get worn out like that again!!!
Hope things are going well!!!

Jennifer said...

Kota wold probably bite Romeo's head off if you tried that!Haha!

Cara Beth said...

that top pic cracks me up!