I am all grown up!

This weekend, my mom and I modernized my room at my parents house. I have had the same bed since I was in the 5th grade. It was a wrought iron bed canopy bed but it was just time for it to go. I haven't lived there for 2 years but we are just now getting to redoing it! I looked through all my pics on the computer to find a before pic of my room but I couldn't find one so you just get to see the finished product! This room has had many different looks but this one is the best so far. There are a few more things we may add later but I can't wait to go back home and sleep in my new and improved room!!

Mom got a new headboard and night stand. They are gorgeous in person!

These are new additions to the room. This cute lamp is from Target and the rocker was in our storage room but I thought it was a good cozy addition to the room!

This was a rattan shelf that my mom bought before I was born!! ha! It has been in my room for a while now but we decided to spray paint it black! I thought it turned out good and it saved us money not having to buy a new piece of furniture!

This is my closet clean and organized with all my keepsakes. My mom said it is like a shrine to my past! :)


Jennifer said...

OOOOHHHH! It looks great! These pictures are much better than the one you text me this weekend! I love it! I'm ready to go visit Anita so I can stay in your room!:)

Mrs. Dwiggins said...

I love your room! I swear the moment I moved out my room became my mom's "Do what she wanted room"!
& I have to tell you... your gorgeous!

Nikki said...

Julie - its beautiful!!

blackwellfam said...

Julee!! It looks beautiful! Your closet looks so bare without your 80 gajillion clothes packed into it...haha! Miss you!

Cara Beth said...

Oh I remember your old room. I think I passed out on that bed from sheer exhaustion during pledge week!