A week of randomness!

Our internet has been down off and on last week so I am going to use that as my excuse for not posting for a week! The ice storm messed up our router so Matt got another one this weekend so we are back in action! :)

My week started out with seeing Brody. He is getting big enough to sit in his exersaucer and he is just so cute. He actually seemed to enjoy it and we got some cute pictures!

I just melt over this smile!

Is this not the cutest face ever!

On Feb. 3rd, we celebrated Brody's 4 month Birthday! I can not believe he is already 4 months. I am not sure what we did before Brody was around! :) We get together on the 3rd of each month and have a great cake from Ricks Bakery!

I love the fact that he is looking at the cake like what in the world is that! :)

Cute Brody in his toboggan.

Jill, Jennifer and me at the birthday party. I love these blondies!!

Brody went to sleep after the party and we went to check on him and he had pulled his blankie over his head!! He is so funny!

My family came to visit us this weekend. My parents and Kota and then Evan and his fiance' Rachel and their Westie, Jack! We got the dogs situated and then went to Rogers and ate at Crabby's on Friday night. It was ok... I wouldn't say great. I think Bonefish is much better and about the same price. But we had a good time! I always forget to take pics of my family so all I have are pictures of the dogs. :)

All dogs love my dad but these two really think he is great! They are begging to go on a walk in this picture. I think my dad took them on 5 or 6 walks this weekend!! That is why Romeo loves him so much! :)

I am so happy they like each other now! At first I wasn't sure it would ever happen!

Kota was my first love! Isn't he so beautiful!

This is Jack chewing on a bone!

I know this is a stupid picture but I thought it was so funny. We are defiantly a Mac loving family!

On Saturday, Rachel and I went to a shower for our friend Jamie Cook. Jamie and I went to Arkadelphia High school together and then we were EEE's together at OBU. She is due in April and is having a little boy! I am ready to meet Sloan Thomas Cook. Jamie is in the middle, her sister to the right and sister-in-law to the left. We had a great time visiting everyone there!

(me, Beth, Jamie, Jill, Rachel)

I had to add this too...Romeo was very tired the other night and Matt thought it would be funny to put him on our bar in the kitchen! What was so funny is that Romeo didn't even move. He just sat and posed like he knew mom was going to run and get the camera so I better just sit here! :)

Don't worry I have cleaned the counter since then! :)


Cara Beth said...

haha. Romeo sitting on the bar is too cute!

Josh and Kate said...

It was good to see you at Jamie's shower! Keep in touch.

Kristen said...

Hi! I'm new to follow your blog but have been a lurker with a motive for a few weeks...I love and want your hair color!! (Is that the weirdest thing anyone has told you? I'm so sorry...I promise I am really not weird) I have been trying to explain to my hairdresser the color I want for months now and she is just.not.getting it!! You are a hairdresser, right? How do I explain this to her? Help!!

Kristen said...

Thanks Julee - I think I might print out your picture and take it in. I felt so dumb asking you that! But I appreciate your help - if it turns out this time (cross your fingers for me) I'll post of picture! Thanks again!

Mrs. Dwiggins said...

Happy Valentine's Day!